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Botccoin Chain

Bascomb H. Bennett worked as a cashier at the Bank of Spokane Falls with the digital concept to provide the next generation of cryptography in the form of random number generators and cryptographic products. From irrational numbers that modernize existing cryptography, to advanced encryption products and development tools, non-integer encryption algorithms that leverage artificial intelligence and irrational numbers are changing the face of digital security.



Apocalypse Alliance

  • lock up 13300.42 BOTC
  • Output 12459.24 BOTC
  • People 2523
94.14% 521.35 BOTC

Geek Community

  • lock up 2708.13 BOTC
  • Output 5612.54BOTC
  • People 399
65.28% 3564.27 BOTC


  • lock up 9904.00 BOTC
  • Output 1247.25 BOTC
  • People 872
72.58% 2687.31 BOTC

Pi Between Jim

  • lock up 803.55 BOTC
  • Output 2457.65 BOTC
  • People 121
38.36% 2354.21 BOTC


  • lock up 1975.05 BOTC
  • Output 6657.11BOTC
  • People 401
49.27% 1112.61 BOTC


  • lock up 2691.76 BOTC
  • Output 326.15 BOTC
  • People 244
43% 356.21 BOTC

Satoshi Communlty

  • lock up 417.79 BOTC
  • Output 356.15 BOTC
  • People 170
30% 527.24 BOTC

BOTC Supporters

  • lock up 692.03 BOTC
  • Output 1025 BOTC
  • People 244
26.21% 382.55 BOTC


  • lock up 63.60 BOTC
  • Output 271.63 BOTC
  • People 25
3.51% 235.69 BOTC


  • lock up 99.32 BOTC
  • Output 124.25 BOTC
  • People 6
1.225% 124.52 BOTC



  • February 2021 Raised Series AFunding in Spokane
  • May 2021 Received US$500,000financing from ADNLT Fund
  • June 2021 Online conferencediscussion application development planning
  • September 2021 Mr. Kim Seung-wonfrom Korea was appointed as the product director
  • December 2021 Planning the secondround of IDO plan
  • May 2022 Obtained the second roundof encryption technology innovation authorization
  • June 2022 Global recruitment marketmaking team
  • July 2022 The internal beta versionof the application will be launched in the middle and priced at$10
  • August 2022 It plans to exceed100,000 users in the second half of the year
  • September 2022 It is planned tocomplete the creation of the first batch of 20 community nodes
  • In November 2022, the return to the flow pool was opened to lock the dividend BTC
  • Line in November 2022 {MTS} Ecological Application
  • Line in October 2022 {FIFA} Ecological Application
  • Line in December 2022 {Cool} Ecological Application
  • Line in December 2023 {Cool} Ecological Application
  • November 2022 Monthly plan tolaunch "My Token Top 10 Exchanges
  • In November 2022, the COINW Exchange was listed
  • March 2023 Plan to start thedevelopment of BOTC CHAIN
  • April 2023 Plans to issueBOTC-pegged stablecoins
  • July 2023 Plans to launch amechanism to increase the long holdings of BTC linked to BOTCdividends"
  • December 2023 Plans to list on allmajor exchanges
  • In March 2023, the public chain test network was launched
  • In mid-March 2023, Bexkeep Wallet Swap Ecosystem will be launched
  • In mid-March 2023, public Bexkeep wallet Swap ecosystem will be launched
  • In late March 2023, open aggregation was launched, and all network users migrated to Bexkeep.
  • In Bexkeep wallet exchange, the permission of coin holders is confirmed, and the open coin holders with more than 100 BOTC share dividends.
  • In April 2023, 133,099 active users of compulsory coin withdrawal and coin holding were completed.
  • Late June 2023, listing on Mintme Exchange, expanding accessibility and nurturing new partnerships.
  • In early July 2023, the Verified Twitter Blue Badge certification was made public, increasing the credibility and visibility of the project.
  • In mid-July 2023, BitBot Wallet will enter the public beta stage, allowing users to experience the most cutting-edge multi-chain wallet.
  • In late July 2023, the official version of BitBot Wallet will be launched globally, providing users with a safe and easy-to-use platform.
  • In early August 2023, governance voting opens, enabling token holders to actively participate in shaping the future of the project.
  • In early August 2023, Coininn CEX exchange launched BOTC, expanding the exposure of the project to a wider audience.
  • In early August 2023, the testnet introduces seamless token sending and receiving functionality.
  • In mid-August 2023, the free distribution of Botcchain account IDs ended, highlighting the overwhelming support of the community.
  • In late August 2023, the Botccoin application will be fully upgraded and the official version of the Liquidity LP contract will be launched.
  • In mid-August 2023, the program will be fully opened to facilitate the seamless migration of Dapp data.
  • In late August 2023, launch 2-5 BitBot Dapps and 1-3 game projects to provide users with opportunities to earn rewards for participation.
  • In early September 2023, global recruitment of 10-20 community nodes and community self-market maker recruitment activities
  • In mid-September 2023, open BitBot - DEX exchange center
  • In late September 2023, liquidity-LP BTC/BOTC trading pair pool creation/market maker recruitment
  • In mid-October 2023, 1~5 exchange platforms will be listed
  • In the first ten days of November 2023, the BTC reflow pool mechanism will reprogram the holding increase contract
  • In the first ten days of December 2023, the large-amount buying channel for investment institutions will be opened to promote further growth.
  • In late December 2023, the Botccoin test network will be launched
  • In early January 2023, the ecological community will be merged and the three major community aggregations will be introduced.
  • In early January 2023, the Ethernova ecosystem will be launched, combining Web3+AI+GameFi
  • In late January 2023, preparations will be made for listing on mainstream exchanges. If the listing is successful, it will be linked to the trading flow pool of ecological tokens.
  • In early February 2023, the sending/receiving network of BOTC will be changed to Botccoin by connecting to the listed exchanges.
  • In mid-January 2023, Botcchain opens public browser/token creation
  • Mid-February 2024 A milestone is achieved with listing on 1-3 additional exchanges.
  • In late April 2024, Botccoin financial pledge loan declaration
  • Early June 2024, in the process of sorting out, to be announced
  • -In preparation, to be announced-


Diversified mining mechanism

HOT 02

On-chain coinage

On-chain coinage

20000 BOTC

Mechanism Description
Coinage rebate 5%-50%
Referral rebate 15-23%
Coinage cycle 10-90天
Community Rewards 1% BOTC
Production cut contract
Mint ≥ 5000 BOTC
Minting rate


HOT 04



50000 BOTC

Mechanism Description
lock-up rate 2.37%-65%
Invitation rebate 0.5%-15% BOTC
Create a community 1% BOTC
Community Rewards 1% BOTC
Production cut contract
Output≥10000 BOTC
Production reduction ratio


HOT 01

PPLNS Mining

PPLNS Mining

100000 BOTC

Mechanism Description
Normal mining +2 BOTC
Share with friends +1 BOTC
Miners meet the standard +1 BOTC
Sponsorship Rewards +2 BOTC
Production cut contract
Output≥10000 BOTC
Production reduction ratio


HOT 03

Liquid pledge

Liquid pledge

20000 BOTC

Mechanism Description
Pledge rate 2%-261%
Invitation rebate 21% USDT
Miners meet the standard +1 USDT
Staking advantage 0 USDT
Production cut contract
Output≥5000 BOTC
Production reduction ratio



Our project is in line with the new global trend of enhancing the function of cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange, putting aside the view that they are merely speculative assets.

We strive to make our projects effective, enjoyable and profitable, considering the most diverse forms of use, always bringing something meaningful, focusing on the goal of guaranteeing user satisfaction

BOTC assimilates blockchain data into an independent user interface, enabling users to clearly understand the current state of their transactions, investments and markets.


  • Technical security

    Technical Security The ABOTC oracle network is secured by numerous security-audited node operators, and the node network is rigorously verified, scalable, and resistant to node offline and bribery risks.
  • Data is irreversible

    Data is sourced from multiple certified paid APIs that are eventually aggregated into a single, validated data point, thus avoiding the risk of a single point of failure.
  • DeFi oracle network

    The BOTC network has guaranteed the value of tens of billions of dollars for the DeFi ecosystem, connecting hybrid smart contracts with high-quality data and off-chain computing resources.
  • Rapid integration and deployment

    Developers can quickly develop, test and deploy advanced DeFi applications, use reliable precompiled decentralized services, and access a wealth of external resources.
  • Decentralized Services

    BOTC can provide users with a series of decentralized services, including Data Feeds, Proof of Reserves, Keepers, Verifiable Random Functions, and cross-chain interoperability.
  • Blockchain Compatible

    DeFi application developers can access data and computing resources in all mainstream smart contract blockchain networks for multi-chain development.



BOTC is an open source technology with a large community including developers, researchers and users. The community has a common goal, which is to develop BOTC into a public utility that benefits the entire blockchain ecosystem.